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Domain name transfer

Is it possible to park the domain name with you?

No, once the domain name(s) are under your control and you have received the tokens, we advise you to move the domain to a registrar of your choice. Currently we do not charge any fees for temporarily hosting the domain names, but we can only keep this service free of charge if people move their domain names within a reasonable period of time.

Do you offer hosting services?

Not currently.

The message "Domain registered. Transfer code expired. See FAQ" shows up in relation to a .be domain name.

After payment has been completed for a .be domain name a transfer code is automatically generated. This code is valid for 7 days. After this period this error code will show up. If you wish to request a new code, follow the following steps. Go to www.dns.be and insert the domain name into the whois field. Then scroll down the page and click on the link provided with the text " Do you wish to request a transfer code as a domain name holder of domainname.be?" Click yes and the transfer code will show up under the "Ended Auctions" tab. NB: this code will only be valid for 7 days.